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Five Points Today
This 20thth century photograph shows the location of the Five Points neighborhood amidst the modern skyscrapers and bustling New York City life. The Foley Square Courthouse block was excavated in 1991 in an effort to learn more about the lives of…

Youth Gang Member Hitting Woman with Pinned Stick
This photograph shows the extent of the youth, gang violence on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Young boys would stick a pin through the end of a stick, and would carry the stick around waiting to pin it into the backs of pedestrians. Although…

The Dansante in 1842
This 19th century sketch shows the scene that Dickens would have witnessed during his visit to Five Points. Dickens was led to compare the neighborhood's residents to the pigs that freely roam the streets. Saloons were at the heart of the immoral…

Five Points in 1859
This sketch shows the daily debauchery that occurred within the confines of the Five Points neighborhood. The group in the foreground of the sketch seem to be completely ignoring the violent outbreak going on behind them.

Five Points Mission
This photograph shows the Five Points Mission building, and its caption reads, "In Name Only." Though the church attempted to infiltrate the Five Points society, it was highly unsuccessful, as life in the neighborhood had already far exceeded the…

The Incoming Millions
This book by Howard B. Grose attempts to depict the issues arising as a result of the volume of immigrants arriving at America's gates. The book documents why certain immigrant groups came, but more importantly, it documents their behavior once they…

The Best Method of Disposing of Our Pauper and Vagrant Children
This book suggests possible answers to the issue of pauper and vagrant children in America. It addresses the poor lifestyle which these children generally tend to lead, and its main solution to this problem is a greater Christian influence in the…

Excerpt from Charles Loring Brace's "The Best Method of Disposing of our Pauper and Vagrant Children"
This excerpt shows the questions that Brace was aiming to answer in his book. As seen by the content of this excerpt, the youth population in America's cities was extremely marginalized, and it was Brace's fear (based on reality) that these children…
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