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The Improvement of the Park System of the District of Columbia, Report of the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia
This government document seeks to justify a new allocation of space into the public sphere for parks and recreational areas.The document explores what it means for Washington, DC to be the capital city in terms of city planning.

The Improvement of the Park System of the District of Columbia, Report of the Park Commission
This document contains many photographs and diagrams, depicting how space in the district should be repurposed for ornamentation and reputation. The report sanctions seizing land for public use.

"Youngsters in doorway of alley dwelling"
This photograph shows the reality of children living in the alley community of Washington, DC

This diagram of alley dwellings in one Washington, DC block also includes a caption condemning these communities as places of crime and disease.

"Message from the President of the United States, transmitting reports by the President's Homes Commission on improvement of existing houses, and elimination of insanitary and alley houses, on social betterment, and on building regulations,, together…

This study of the African American alley communities uses the institution of health to condemn the alleys as unfit living situation.

The article is written to announce the reaching of a Congressional agreement of how to approach the reworking of public space. The article mentions what spaces will be improved upon in the new McMillan plan.

The McMillan Plan: 1901- The Mall
This is the result of the deliberations of the McMillan Commission and how they decided to reallocate space to the use of public monuments and beautification.
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