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The Role of the FHA in Creating Racial Ghettos in Chicago
This essay explores how the Federal Housing Administration enacted policies in attempts to ensure that African Americans could not penetrate white neighborhoods. They used redlining, risk assessment programs, and encouraged individuals and municipal…

Where Do We Live and Why
This is a historical newspaper article, taken from the archives of the Chicago Defender. The article appeared in the January 28, 1939 issue and is an editorial. The article deals with the housing conditions of African Americans in Chicago, especially…

Housing Facts
This is a historical newspaper article. It appeared in the Chicago Defender on October 27, 1934. It describes how the Chicago Better Housing Program, made possible by the National Housing Act, now allows for home improvement loans to be made. While…

Opportunity Versus Color
"Opportunity Versus Color" is an editorial cartoon that appeared in the Chicago Defender, in the September 1, 1934 edition. The cartoon has an African American man standing in what might be his home with an African American woman. The woman asks the…

"Real Estate Exploitation Produces Ghettos"
Sam Harman
Dr. Sharon Leon
December 7, 2010

The Role of the FHA in Creating
Racial Ghettos in Chicago
The Federal Housing Administration, created to stabilize the housing…

Family Properties: Race, Real Estate, and the Exploitation of Black Urban America
In this book, Beryl Satter, daughter of Albert and Sallie Bolton, describes her parents' struggle to purchase a home in Chicago. Since FHA policies made it practically impossible for African Americans to secure mortgage insurance , many families…

"Forgive and Forget"
This is an editorial cartoon that appeared in the Chicago Defender on November 16, 1940. This cartoon is significant because the message of the cartoon corresponds to a significant date in Chicago's African American history. On November 12, 1940, the…

Secondary Source Annotated Bibliography
This bibliography gives credit to all secondary sources used in my research. It also includes annotations describing the significance of the material to my inquiry question.
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