Where Do We Live and Why


Where Do We Live and Why


This is a historical newspaper article, taken from the archives of the Chicago Defender. The article appeared in the January 28, 1939 issue and is an editorial. The article deals with the housing conditions of African Americans in Chicago, especially with the fact that while there are many available properties, most landlords "Do not cater to Negroes". Thus, African Americans are forced to cluster in crowded and unsanitary conditions. Sometimes the conditions of squalor were so bad residents died of disease, brought on by the close proximity to many people and lack of sanitation. The author calls on the black community as a whole to improve sanitation and reduce overcrowding in Chicago neighborhoods, or continue in deplorable conditions: " 'When undertakers remark that there are too many deaths due to overcrowded living conditions', it is time for us to wake up and take notice". Although the author calls Chicago's African American community to action, he does not forget what led to these conditions in the first place: "We live where we live in most cities because white realtors and property owners definitely determine we shall not live anywhere else."




Chicago Defender (National Edition). January 28, 1939. Chicago, Illinois. p 16


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