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Agreed on a Grand Plan.pdf
The article is written to announce the reaching of a Congressional agreement of how to approach the reworking of public space. The article mentions what spaces will be improved upon in the new McMillan plan.

one month.jpg
An editorial cartoon showing loyal Japanese Americans being relocated to an internment camp facility located outside of a military zone and far from the city, supposedly "out of harm's way" as the sign next to the truck says.

This cartoon views…


This is a photograph that displays a typical alley dwelling in Washington, DC. It shows the housing inhabited by poor and working class African Americans of the time.

dewitt conference transcript.gif
"Conference with General De Witt" at Office of Commanding General, Headquarters Western Defense Command and Fourth Army; January 4, 1942 (Docket filing 39), 01/04/1942

death 10.gif
The cover of a 1906 issue of Collier's Weekly, a muckraking journal that published Adams' report on the evils of the patent medicine industry. It furthered the notion that nostrums were the cause of ultimate moral decay, death itself, and caused…

progress 5.png
This editorial describes the famous Dr. Harvey W. Wiley and his influence on the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Commissioned by Congress to prove that food preservatives were detrimental to the human body in 1902, Dr. Wiley tested a group of…

Forgive and Forget cartoon.jpg
This is an editorial cartoon that appeared in the Chicago Defender on November 16, 1940. This cartoon is significant because the message of the cartoon corresponds to a significant date in Chicago's African American history. On November 12, 1940, the…

Jovial Sons of Erin, NY Tribune.pdf
This article is about the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick's annual St. Patrick's Day dinner. It illustrates the changing perception towards the Irish in the early 20th Century. Located in a national paper on the front page, the story about the dinner…

Sam Harman
Dr. Sharon Leon
December 7, 2010

The Role of the FHA in Creating
Racial Ghettos in Chicago
The Federal Housing Administration, created to stabilize the housing…

New Tribune 1906 1.pdf
This article illustrates the changing perception of the Irish in New York and the beginnings of the Irish-American identity during the early twentieth century. The location of the article on the front page, the celebratory language of the article,…
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